Megan`s Philosophy; The Wonders Of Selfless Public Service

Megan S

You can pave the way to your success if you like. This I have learnt from experience. The journey to life has always been a hard bone to crack but I have taught myself to beat all odds. No novel can possibly contain my whole story. But nothing can stop me from telling the whole world that nothing is ever too hard to achieve. Megan is a name that my dearest mother gave me.I love it beyond anything, it has inspired me to greatness. I will forever be indebted to mommy for calling me ‘Megan’ the very day she set her eyes on me. It was all I could ever have asked for. Am a visual artist, writer and an activist. You can agree with me that am an all-round person.

San Francisco is where am based. It has been my ambition to create an impact to the public. And this compelled me to integrate my art with public projects. You may want to believe that my multitasking attitude is as a result of desire for wealth. To prove you wrong accumulating wealth has never compelled me into any business. Instead my secret desire to touch the lives of many has been my motivation. I not only offered myself to the masses, but everything I had including my money, I had to let go. After all you can never grow poor by giving. I never at any time bent my back to get rich, but wealth chased after me.

Personal Traits That Boosted My Financial Status

  • My concern for the homeless

I knew that it is a privilege to have a place to call home. And I was just lucky to have a stable family. On the contrary there were those who were not lucky enough. In that case I initiated a project known as better homes. This was to precisely unfold the pains of homelessness, and of course advocate for a policy change to end this’ animal’ homelessness. I personally gave 250 signs for free to the homeless and those facing eviction. I never cared what this would cost me since I was dying to transform somebody`s life. This never made me destitute for any money given must always come back a double portion.

  • My bitterness towards Capitalism

Initially Capitalism was embraced and adored by greedy people who only cared of making profits for themselves. I had to mobilize some people so that we fight that ideology globally. We came up with a project Capitalism Is Over! You don`t have the slightest idea on how this capitalism affected the global economy. I had to do everything humanly possible to stop its progress

  • My desire to be innovative

I wanted so much to make my life resourceful. When this had reached at its peak in my brain, an adored artist David Ireland gave me an insight. That is how I transformed my home into an installation that was in the year 2004 to the year 2008. I cannot deny the fact that this elevated my financial status. To be precise serving others can never make you poor.

Megan Wilson From San Francisco; My journey With Prosperity


Wealth can come seeking for you. You don`t have to forget that you have a life to live by endangering your life to get rich. One thing I have learnt is that you don`t have to be immoral in order to be super rich. How you accumulate wealth matters a lot. And how you spend your money is also an issue of concern too. You may be rich but destitute, seems contradicting Right? Anyway if your wealth isn`t genuine it will haunt you for the rest of your life. You will be destitute in that your heart may never be at peace. Such money will find wings to fly away. But if you work hard to gain wealth then that is the spirit. People think am wealthy but I believe I am simply healthy for I have learned to use my wealth and energy to help the underprivileged and to initiate projects that boost the global economy.

Benefits Associated With My Being Rich

  • Given me a go ahead in initiating public projects

Once I start a project am sure that am in a position to finance it so that my efforts may bear fruits. For instance when I launched the project Better Homes and Garden Today money was needed to create awareness around home and the afflictions of the homeless. We partnered with a stump grinding company in Texas in order to use arborist materials to help create a garden for the homeless. This garden would be used to grow veggies and fruits and would be free for there use. I’m happy that I could nurture this dream if because of my wealth and to sustain the project.

  • Attract Public Attention

My passion to indulge in projects that benefits the public globally is ignited any time the public responds to me positively. The fact that people know that am financially stable somehow assures them that am not after using them to make money. Am not bragging but I have a selfless attitude as far as the public is concerned. And I don`t value wealth at the expense of people this has made my access to peoples heart easier.

  • Easy access of resources

My career as a visual artist requires a lot of resources. Am never troubled by the means of acquiring the resources. Alongside my message of generosity, my wealth gives me an excellent opportunity to preach water and drink the same water. Am sure I would not have achieved anything worth recognition if I had a low financial status

  • Successful social change Campaigns

My life as an activist has been possible due to a stable financial status. Campaigning for social change is a hard bone to crack while destitute. Somehow my riches have given me a backup in all my fights with social corruption. As a matter of fact my being rich has opened me the doors to greatness and even more and more wealth.